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The Most Exciting Places to Live in Wales

Despite its many advantages, residing in one place has numerous disadvantages. The world is filled with many areas that serve as some of the most interesting and amazing residential areas. Moving to a different place is a good chance to meet new people and make new friends. It is also a chance to experience and discover new cultures that are often quite interesting. You will be able to check out amazing sites in your new residence and discover new exciting cities. Wales is one of the residential areas that should feature among the top options in your list. Many people have a mindset of that Wales is just but another part of the United Kingdom. You will be surprised to learn that Wales, despite being part of the United Kingdom, is its own separate country with a unique culture. The people of Wales speak a beautiful language, often considered the most beautiful one on Earth. As if not enough, this beautiful country has one of the most captivating landscapes and a 870 mile stretch of an awesome coastline. If you are planning on moving to Wales, the following are some of the areas you should check out.

The first area to check out is Mumbles. To understand Mumbles, you first have to know that it is a an oceanside town. Some of the exciting features of this town, is new restaurants and park renovations that have transformed it into a literal oceanside heaven. It has been said that this town is one of the most budget friendly places to live in the UK today. This means that for a person who is looking for an affordable place to live, then this should be one of your options.

Another one of the best places to live in the Wales is Cardiff. This city is the capital of Wales and is the home of some of the best technology and innovations. It has a population of 335,000 people and is major tourist attraction site. It is also budget friendly when it comes to cost of living and is a cultural hotspot.

In case the two options given above didn’t catch your interest, then Abergavenny might be the suitable choice. This town offers the perfect mix of modern culture and historical rustiness. It has a population of 12000 people and is just 32 miles away from Cardiff.

Another key option is Colwinston having a population of less than 500 people and situated in the Vale of Glamorgan. This town is ideal for a person looking for a slow pace and is also home to the celebrated novelist Agatha Christie. For more information click here.