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Allen Heckard sued Michael jordan. It appears that he was often mistaken for the famous basketball player, which caused him to suffer defamation, permanent injury, and emotional pain and suffering.”Many graduates.reported they would have done something differently in college if they had to do it over.been more careful when selecting a major. When asked what they would have chosen instead, 40% of the sample said they would have chosen a professional major, like education, nursing, or social work” (Stone, Van Horn, Zukin 24).Look For Opportunities Abroad – In the absence of internship breaks in your locality or in your country, take your search to the next level. Think about going abroad and prepare for it as early as possible. Here is a rule of thumb. Look for openings which welcome international students. This will be helpful should you need to have further studies in your field.Also, for the summer, try to get to get an internship where you see if the industry you are thinking of majoring is your right career choice. Start job hunting by February because the good internships go fast. Sometimes they require good grades and essays also for you to be even considered for the internship. Go to your college career center for internship information, information about taking a career placement test and free workshops on interview tips.