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Types of Dogs that Have Been Used to Act Movies

There are a lot of dogs that some people may be having. The dogs and man relate very closely. The number for years that man has been living with the dogs is very many. Man and dogs have been doing a lot of things together. They have a good understanding. The cooperation between man and dogs have been extended to the movie industry. There are a lot of movies, book with GroomIt that the dogs have featured in. This article looks at some of the types of dogs that man has used in the movie industry to produce movies.

Lassie the Laddie was one of the first dogs that were used to act movies in the movie industry. The story began in the form of a short story. The year 1954 is when the character was immortalized. The movie was acted by around six dogs that were all males. The series was watched for around twenty years. The series was divided into around five hundred episodes. The episodes accumulated to around seven long movies. The first to be used in this movie was Pal. After Pals retirement, he was replaced by a son named Lassie Junior. The lineage ruled in the movie for a long time.

Rin Tin Tin was also a movie in which another dog was used. Unlike the first movie, this was acted by a real dog. It was a German shepherd who was used in the First World War. An American soldier rescued it from the battlefield who later trained him to take a career in movies. He featured in around twenty-seven movies. The soldier searched for a replacement for the dog after he died. The priority for replacement was given to those that were closely related to him. A good replacement could not even arise among those that were closely related to him.

Thirdly, the Strongheart original show also had dogs featuring. The dog served in the second world war. After the end of the war, the owner of the dog could no longer take care of the dog. The only solution that he had was to fly the dog to America where he had a friend who had a dog breeding kennel. The dog had a strong stature and physical status. This drew the attention of one of the actors who loved this dog very much. The actor urged a friend to buy the dog for them, to make it appear very often in the screens.

In conclusion, dogs have been friends with a man for a very long time and has been used by man to do a lot of thing including acting in movies.