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What Medications are Used for Opioid Addiction Treatment?

More and more people are still getting addicted to opioid today. Thousands of lives have been lost to opioid overdoes and thousands more will be taken if people don’t stop their practice. While you may not be getting an overdose of opioid, the longer you use it, the psosiblity of getting an overdose is very great. You cannot feel the same effects with the same dose of opioid each time and the brain will require a higher dosage if you want to have the same feeling of euphoria every time. To prevent more deaths from opioid overdose, it is necessary to treat opioid addicts immediately. Medication is give to patients in drug rehab centers as part of their treatment of opioid addicts.

People get addicted to opioid for many reasons. Sometimes it is genetic in nature. Your family could have a history of addiction. Others take drugs as a legitimate pain killer but frequent use of the drug leads them to substance abuse. There are others who use these opioids because of the high that it gives.

Below are some of the medications used in drug rehab centers to treat opioid addiction.

One opioid that is used for medication is Buprenorphine. Withdrawal symptoms in an opiate addict can be reduces with the use of Buprenorphine. This drug is less likely to be abused because it does not give that same sense of euphoria that other drugs give. So it blocks the effects of other opioids.

To prevent and reverse opioid overdoes, Naloxone is used together with Buprenorphine. Patients are not able to abuse Buprenorphine when Naloxone is taken.

Another opioid called Methadone is used similar to buprenorphine. This helps prevent withdrawal symptoms during substance detox. Sometimes patient relapse when experiencing withdrawal symptoms but methadone helps prevent this. Maintenance is needed after rehab and Methadone is the recommended opioid for this. Doctors prescribe this drug for daily use to help prevent relapse to addiction. This is a highly controlled drug so you need to consult your doctor for your dose.

An opioid antagonist called Naltrexone is recommended after completing drug rehab. With Naltroxone opioids cannot affect your brain. When Naltroxone block brain receptors, opioids cannot affect your brain receptors. With Naltroxene, any opioid for pain relief or for feelings of euphoris would be rendered useless. However if you take Naltroxone with opioids in your system, then withdrawals will be triggered. Naltroxone reduces your desire for opioids and this is why it limits the possibility of relapse.

During detox Methadone and Buprenorphine as used to prevent bad withdrawal symptoms. Methadone can be used for maintenance so that you can stay out of other opioids.

To treat overdose, take Naloxone with Buprenorphine. With Naloxone, Buprenorphine abuse is not possible.

If you take Naltrexone, you will not want to take opioids anymore. You should use Naltroxene post detox if you don’t want to experience withdrwals.

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