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Important truths about human teeth

The number of teeth a baby and an adult have differed, an adult has thirty-two teeth while a baby has twenty. Teeth play a very important role in the human body. Swallowing of food is easier when the food is chewed using teeth. Teeth also play an important role in speech. A tooth has different parts used for different purposes. A part of the tooth is found above the gum while the other part of the same tooth is found below the gum. Understanding teeth well help one give the teeth the care which is required. Facts about human teeth are discussed in this article.

All the human teeth are different. Each tooth is unique just as a fingerprint both for adult teeth and baby teeth. The size, shape, and composition are different in different teeth. Determination of an individual can be done by checking their teeth. Four types of teeth are available in one’s mouth. Premolars, molars, canines, and incisors are the four types of human teeth. Incisors are placed in front, followed by canines at the sides, followed by premolars and then molars at the furthest corner of the mouth. Human teeth are used for cutting, tearing and grinding.

Human teeth are there even before birth. Once a baby is born, teeth are not visible because the teeth are covered by the gum. Baby teeth start appearing six months after birth. Incisors are the first teeth which appear. Pronunciation and chewing is made easier when milk teeth appear in a baby’s mouth. Milk teeth fall out for the adult teeth to appear. The number of adult teeth is thirty-two.

Proper teeth hygiene should be observed by humans because of the presence of bacteria in the teeth. Bacteria in the mouth are not all bad, some of them are good. Food digestion is aided by some bacteria in the mouth. Closure of the mouth most of the times aids in the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Some bacteria in the mouth are brought by saliva. Teeth and the spaces between them should be brushed to remove those bacteria. Toothbrush among other things was and are used to clean teeth.

The tooth enamel is the part which protects the rest of the body of the tooth. Enamel is the outer hard part of the tooth. A lot of strength is found in a tooth enamel enabling it to protect the tooth. Inside tooth parts are very soft and cannot withstand many things. The enamel protects the important soft tissues of the tooth. Proper care should be taken on the teeth since one gets adult teeth once in their lifetime. Above are the facts about teeth.