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Home Designs For The Elderly and Seniors

Many elderly loved ones are being taken care by their family every day. These seniors are being provided with the best comforts they deserve by their family like providing comfort such as some types of ramps. When we were young, our parents provided us with a home, a loving family and comfort, and when they grow-up, it is only expected that their children will reciprocate them once their parents become old and become less physically capable. Our elderly parents want nothing more than to retire to their own retirement home or live with their children to help raise their grandkids.

As someone grows older, it becomes harder and harder for them to do physical and psychological tasks so giving convenient options as types of ramps may be necessary.
They become senile and old but it should not be something that is derided. Parents spend their lives giving comfort and a good life to their children, so it is only right for them to be rewarded when they become old. Designing a home for the elderly is both easier for them and for you. A rather large house with several floors is often difficult for elderly individuals to live in. Cardiovascular, stamina and neurological faculties decrease with relation to age, making it necessary to design a home that is conducive for seniors. There are now home design companies that are able to design homes suitable for seniors and elderly. Their designs are often affordable for many and are great-looking.

Making changes in the home can be permanent but it can also be installed temporary so you can retain the houses original structure once the functionality requirement for elderly is no longer needed. Amenities in the house you might one to install for your loved ones include wheelchair/walker access, handle-bars on the walls, bathing and self-care accessories, and door widening. Bath designs are particularly important for elderly as they might have very dangerous accidents, so having non-slip seats and flooring may ensure safety and perhaps convenience for the elderly. Another important feature you may need for your home are wheelchair or elderly types of ramps. There are a number of types of ramps such as permanent ramps, portable ramps, semi-permanent ramps, wheelchair track ramps and others. For short term, semi-permanent ramps may be useful for the home. Portable ramps are made of durable, lightweight materials that is easy to transport and is often skid resistant. Permanent ramps are often cemented in place on new buildings and are used for long term solutions. The ADA recommends a 3:12 slope for ramps which can be defined as a foot of ramp for every vertical rise of three inches. Elderly people have more ability to maneuver through the home with these types of ramps.