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What Causes Acne

The number of people who are suffering from acne is skyrocketing and these people are both young and adults. It is estimated that over fifty million people in the US get to record challenging acne every year. As a matter of facts, there are manifold products available in the marketplace and these products are availed to fight these acne and it is your decision to determine the products that you will use. In the market, there are companies like Neora that produces acne fighting products and these products tend to play an integral role of helping you regain your self-esteem. There is no doubt that the number of adults with acne is high but very few of these adults actually understand what causes the acne. Through this article, you will manage to understand some principal causes of acne in adult.

First and foremost, your hormones could be responsible for the acne that you are suffering from. For instance, women have a higher tendency of having acne before their menstrual cycle as their hormones tend to fluctuate. There are other hormones like the androgens and the testosterone that tend to fluctuate and they eventually contribute to acne and these acne are in most cases appearing on the chin, neck and the back.

The second fundamental cause of acne is stress. Whenever a person is stressed, they tend to have acne popping up on the skin. Stress will always contribute to hormonal change and whenever you are stressed, the adrenal gland tends to make the stress hormone cortisol. This is the hormone that the body releases to combat the stress that you are recording or that you have. Nevertheless, when the hormone is being released into the body, testosterone tends to leak out together with it and this will eventually contribute to having oil glands producing lots of oil hence having acne on the skin.

The other fundamental cause for acne is air pollution. It is quite impossible for a pardon living in a city to avoid this air pollution. You will definitely have acne whenever your skin reacts against the pollutants that stick on the skin or that get into contact with the skin.

The use of wrong products is another fundamental cause of acne today. There is a common tendency for people to use the wrong products as they fail to first understand what is compatible for their skin and what is not. For instance, it is not alluring and worthwhile for a person whose skin is oily to use oily products. This person should instead settle for oil-free products as they will blend well with their oily skin. It is therefore where a person continuously uses the wrong products that they cause acne to appear on their skin. Therefore, settle for products that will never clog the pores on the skin as this could make matters extensively unfriendly and worse for you.

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